The Legacy in His Library

"Trust me!" he presidentially declared.

And too many did just that.

When civilian leadership ignores or downplays

the horrific consequences of war,

bombing campaigns and torture,

justifying an evil that is not literal defense of the homeland,

it reflects moral blindness

and leaves military families

with the most at risk in this country.

We let them get away with it.

Obsessed with Super Bowls, car races,

idols, survivors and celebrity dancers

we are revealed as that flaw in our country

the politicians prefer not be changed.

This in a nation established and sustained

by military will, strength and courage.

Our revolution, our Civil War and the World Wars

do not reflect a people primarily ignorant

about foreign and domestic affairs.

But back then the country was not dominated

by consumers sitting around playing games,

pursuing entertainment or dabbling in forgetulness

... all the while waiting for a president

to tell them what to do and why.

They were not dependent on the president

to tell them what and when to think;

what and when to act.

They were more aware back then

of the real global situation.

Willing to join up or send sons and daughters,

trusting that their President was both honest and wise in commanding as chief.

Not this time not in this age of America.