The Problem

The Problem
We Should Fix It

Aug 13, 2014

A ringing endorsement ... why, if you are ignorant and uninformed ... you should vote for McMorris-Rodgers

If the way of things is for you to take advice from any old Kindergarten Konservative, here's your chance to do a big belly flop into the shallow end of the pool where most of your political friends are splashing around.

Ann Coulter Urges: Just Vote For Any 'Crap-Ass' GOPer

Aug 12, 2014

The Most Powerful Republican Woman in Congress and her faulty political, economic and social thinking

Cathy McMorris-Rodgers will tell you many things and give you many reasons why you should send her back to Washington so she can keep NOT DOING the things she was elected to do.

Take a look at the following summaries of how ignorant her party assumes us to be.

Why This MattersThese things really matter. We all want to fix the terrible problems the country has. But it is so important to know just what the problems are before you decide how to fix them. Otherwise the things you do to try to solve those problems might just make them worse – just as laying off government workers in a recession makes unemployment worse.
If we get tricked into thinking that Obama has made things worse and that we should go back to what we were doing before Obama – tax cuts for the rich, giving giant corporations and Wall Street everything they want, when those are the things that caused the problems in the first place – then we will be in real trouble.

Aug 8, 2014

OK you guys ... tough-talking impeachers ... put up (I dare you) ... or shut up

Polls Show GOP Base Has Impeachment Fever, Even As Party Leaders Run From It

Come on you guys ... what's a matter Colonel Sanders ... chicken?
Polls conducted last month by CNN/ORC, Fox News and Rasmussen Reports all found close to 60 percent of Republicans in favor of impeaching and removing Obama from office.
Each poll found that wide majorities of the public at large — and virtually every other demographic group — oppose impeachment.
 After all, Kindergarten Konservatism is nothing if not reckless.

"Such a calculation — amnesty-by-fiat to deliberately court impeachment — is breathtakingly cynical. But clever. After all, there is no danger of impeachment succeeding," Krauthammerwrote. "There will never be 67 votes in the Senate to convict. But talking it up is a political bonanza for Democrats, stirring up an otherwise listless and dispirited base. Last Monday alone the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee raised more than $1 million from anti-impeachment direct mail."
Pick up NRA-backed weapon ... Ready .... aim at foot ..... FIRE.

I think you guys should go for it.

I wish you would.

Couldn't pass a civics test if their life depended on it

Next time you think you have the best say as to who comes in and who can't come in ... this speaker has the truest point to be made. Run and hide, or invest 90 seconds and watch it ... then be honest with yourself ... go home and look in the mirror.

WATCH: That Awkward Moment When Anti-Immigration Protesters Realize They're Immigrants Too
Note the size of the crowd at the beginning of the video as opposed to when the camera pans back about 30 seconds in.